It’s simple, really – the more you wait to claim your share of sales generated by online business , the more potential revenue you lose to competitors.  Print advertising is all but dead. The question being asked now by brick-and-mortar stores is not whether they should have an online-selling strategy, but whether to move sales online altogether. The first retailer to bring in the customer during a sale wins, and the sales are increasingly found online.

Shopping malls are slowly disappearing. But at the same time, intrepid entrepreneurs are making money selling via Google Advertising or through mega-platforms like Ebay and Amazon. Drop-shipping and rapid order fulfillment have changed the game completely.

You may not think that your business has a chance to compete online, but that is a mistaken belief. With research, due dilligence and targeted effort, anyone can carve a profitable niche online.  All local businesses can profit from highly-targeted advertising, and all online sellers have the potential to reach more customers.

While it is possible to survive a bit longer, no business can thrive today without online advertising and engagement. Customers expect to be engaged and catered to like never before. They have more choices than ever, and more willing businesses to reach them than ever. For a free consultation, please fill out our discovery form and let us know what your goals are; together, we can craft a strategy that can accomodate your budget. Good advertising is always an investment, not an expense. We will provide the metrics to prove that.

This video is a good introduction to Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing. It drives home a very important point, a point that is not fully grasped by many small and mid-size businesses: advertising is an investment , not an expense best avoided.


A.D.A Compliance/Website Accessibility

If you are selling any product, you should consider the benefits of selling on Amazon. It is likely that your competitors do already. There is a reason why Amazon was such a retail industry disruptor. It provides one-stop shopping and fast shipping for anything one is likely to buy. If you think that your competitors are not on Amazon already, you may be wrong. Please talk to us. We can help you with every step needed to get your products on Amazon.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the long-term solution that maybe the one best fitted to large, established businesses. An increase in your online visibility through organic searches translates into higher sales volume and brand awareness. The goal is to ensure that your company is referenced in Google and other search engines for the products or services you provide. While requiring more investment than SEM, this pays off because your increasing visibility does not require as much SEM marketing.

Web Design, SEO Optimized

Besides optimization, you should consider your site’s look. Does it work with the products or services that you are providing ? How does is compare to your competitors’ sites ? Does it load fast enough ? Is it easy to navigate ? Should you want to address all these points, we can do a complete redesign of your web site, and will deliver it optimized for search engines and mobile devices. Your competitors know the value of fresh content and compelling design.

On-Page SEO

We can work with your current web site to ensure that it is optimized for relevance and search engine guidelines. There are many minute things that have to be present and work together to ensure that your site’s content will be indexed by Google and other search engines. Let our experts provide this critical step towards online relevance. Having a web site that is not SEO-optimized misses out on the potential benefits your site could deliver to you.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This is the fastest solution to increase your online presence, one that works with your existing resources. We will help you design and implement an advertising campaign, one that you can manage yourself or you can have us manage it for you. Either way, we will have metrics showing clearly where your advertising money goes and the audience it reaches, as well as lead generation and conversion rates. Targeting the right audience should result in increased brand exposure and conversions.

Mobile Devices Ready

If we build your website, this will be included in the price. The number of searches on mobile devices is steadily increasing and they are on pace to exceed the number of desktop searches. If your site is not fast enough to load, you run the risk of losing a customer – even if they find you. The phone is arguably just as important a device now as the personal computer. You cannot afford not to reach these potential customers at the exact moment they search.

Our Discovery Form is designed to help us understand your business needs and goals, and bring to you a range of solutions to tailored specifically for your business. The information you provide will not be shared with anyone without your explicit consent.